Saturday, October 5, 2013

An Advance on Vance

John at PRETTY SINISTER BOOKS (October 4, 2013) points us to a tolerable alternative to the unspeakable Philo:
Spike Tracy was one of the better Vance impersonators but a lot more likable.
More short reviews of H. Ashbrook's mysteries are here:
~ THE MURDER OF SIGURD SHARON (1933): "Spike gets another chance at crime detecting . . ." — THE BOOKMAN, February 1933.
~ A MOST IMMORAL MURDER (1935): "20 cents worth." — THE SATURDAY REVIEW, "The Criminal Record," August 31, 1935. Available online.
~ MURDER MAKES MURDER (1937): "Commendable." — THE SATURDAY REVIEW, "The Criminal Record," April 17, 1937.
~ MURDER COMES BACK (1940): ". . . decidedly not for seasoned solvers." — THE SATURDAY REVIEW, "The Criminal Record," November 2, 1940.
~ THE PURPLE ONION MYSTERY (1941): "Spike, tho' still unpredictable, shows real talent for painstaking deduction." — THE SATURDAY REVIEW, "The Criminal Record," June 14, 1941.
See also the GAD Wiki article.

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  1. Apparently The Purple Onion Mystery was also published as Murder On Friday?

    I'm a huge Philo Vance fan so maybe I should check this one out.

  2. I had to look it up, but you're right: PURPLE ONION was also called MURDER ON FRIDAY. BTW: I really like VINTAGE POP FICTIONS: knowledgeable and literate, so rare these days. — Mike