Saturday, September 17, 2016

"Why Not Look Around for a Few Clues Before They Die of Old Age, Spurlock?"

"Murder in the Blue Room."
Script, pencils, and inks by J. A. Patterson (?-?).
First appearance: Detective Picture Stories (1936).
Comic book story (7 pages).
Online at Bill Peschel's website HERE and at Comic Book Plus HERE (select page 11).
"Oh, Mr. Spurlock, my husband's secretary, Miss Lovelace, has been murdered the same way as poor Hector. Oh, me!"
Another four-color Sherlock Holmes story, this one a mild spoof featuring master sleuth Spurlock and his put-upon assistant Doctor Watkins.
Comment: It's a Holmes parody, and not a very good one at that, so don't expect much.

Typos: Numerous, including "your left handed" and "I'm broadmined."
- Our previous encounter with Sherlock Holmes comics is (HERE).
- Concerning the silly names that parodists employ in their Sherlock spoofs, Ellery Queen wrote in the Introduction to The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes (HERE):
As a general rule writers of pastiches retain the sacred and inviolate form Sherlock Holmes and rightfully, since a pastiche is a serious and sincere imitation in the exact manner of the original author. But writers of parodies, which are humorous or satirical takeoffs, have no such reverent scruples. They usually strive for the weirdest possible distortions and it must be admitted that many highly ingenious travesties have been conceived. Fortunately or unfortu-nately, depending on how much of a purist one is, the name Sherlock Holmes is peculiarly susceptible to the twistings and misshapenings of burlesque-minded authors.
That is why you will meet in this volume such appellative disguises as:  Sherlaw Kombs - Picklock Holes - Thinlock Bones - Shylock Homes - Hemlock Jones -Purlock Hone - Holmlock Shears - Herlock Sholmes - Shamrock Jolnes - Solar Pons - Shirley Holmes . . . and, by comparison, such moderately warped Watsonisms as:  Whatson - Potson - Whatsoname - Jobson - Whatsup . . .
. . . to which we might add Shorleck Humes, Doctor Wadson, Mrs. Hubson, and Professor Moreyorey (HERE) and (HERE).
- A properly done Holmes parody, picked at random, can be found (HERE).
- Bill Peschel has been compiling an impressive list of parodies and pastiches; go (HERE) for more.

The bottom line: "Crime travels on odd highways, my dear Watkins."
— Spurlock

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