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Autumn 2018. Issue #49.
Editor: Arthur Vidro.
Old-Time Detection Special Interest Group of American Mensa, Ltd.
36 pages (including covers).
Cover image: Jack Ritchie

For the first part of this OLD-TIME DETECTION review, please pop over to Steve Lewis's Mystery*File (HERE) first and then return here for related links to additional information.

(1) A review (2018) by Michael Dirda of the omnibus edition of Howard Browne's PI works, Halo for Hire: The Complete Paul Pine Mysteries (2018). Related: (HERE), (HERE), (HERE), and (HERE).
  "Browne's four Paul Pine novels . . . are quite consciously written in the wise-cracking, tough guy mode of Chandler's fiction and 1940s Humphrey Bogart films."
(2) "Looking Backward" by Charles Shibuk (1974, 1976, 1978):
   (a) Last Year's Blood (1947) by H. C. Branson. Related: (HERE), (HERE), (HERE), and (HERE).
   (b) The Longbridge Murders (1945) by Moray Dalton. Related: (HERE).
   (c) Too Good to Be True (1948) by J. F. Hutton. Related: (HERE).
(3) "Author Spotlight: Jack Ritchie" by Francis M. Nevins (2010). Related: (HERE).
(4) "One of My Favorites: Jack Ritchie" by Arthur Vidro.
(5) "Author Spotlight: Edgar Wallace" by J. Randolph Cox. Related: (HERE), (HERE), and (HERE).
(6) "The Fingernail," a teleplay by Charles Shibuk based on the 1941 short story by Cornell Woolrich.
(7) "The Woolrich Films," Part IV by Francis M. Nevins (from his 1988 book). Related (BEWARE of SPOILERS): (HERE), (HERE), (HERE), and (HERE).
(8) "Christie Corner" by Dr. John Curran. Related: (HERE) and (HERE).
(9) Three Books:
    (a) Arthur Vidro's review of Jack Ritchie's
The Adventures of Henry Turnbuckle (1987). Related (HERE) and (HERE).

    (b) Trudi Harrov's review of "Ellery Queen, Jr.'s" The Brown Fox Mystery (1948). Related: (HERE).
    (c) Amnon Kabatchnik's review (1974) of S. John Preskett's parodic Murders at Turbot Towers (1937).
(10) "My First Great Detectives" (1980) by Jon L. Breen. Related: (HERE).
(11) "The Paperback Revolution" (1970) by Charles Shibuk.
(12) "The Readers Write":
     "What's wrong with modern mysteries? How about the obvious fact that they contain every aberration known to man . . . and some of the writing is by devout enemies of the English language."
(13) The Puzzle.
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