Sunday, December 6, 2015

November's Top 5

Stop press! The results are in. Here are last month's top 5 posts:
November 2015
(1) "The Plot Is Perhaps the Most Interesting in All Fiction, Because It Remains a Riddle Without an Answer—Unless, Indeed, Mr. Sherlock Holmes's Solution Proves to Be Correct" - HERE
(2) "Next Time I Throw Myself on Top of You," Said a Disembodied Baritone, "The Least You Could Do Is to Struggle" - HERE
(3) An Oppenheim Trio - HERE
(4) "It All Would Have Been Quite Clear to You If You Had Died on Schedule" - HERE
(5) Late Nineteenth Century Snippets about Detective Fiction - HERE

Our all-time top 9 articles since September 2013:

(1) "A Book Remarkable for Completeness, Accuracy, and Infallible Soundness of Judgment" - HERE
(2) Not Quite So Idiosyncratic - HERE
(3) "Although This Is an Eccentric Book, It Has Plenty of Plus Points" - HERE
(4) "A Thoroughly First Rate Detective Story, Rapid, Absorbing, and Credible" - HERE
(5) Julian Symons Reviews Robert Barnard's A TALENT TO DECEIVE - HERE
(6) Detective Fiction — Private Detective vs. Private Eye - HERE
(7) Murder on the Final Frontier - HERE
(8) The International Society of Infallible Detectives - HERE
(9) "A Well-paced Story That's Loaded with Action, Suspense, a Great Puzzle, and a Lot of Humor" - HERE

And our top 10 readers by country in November 2015:

(1) United States
(2) Ukraine
(3) France
(4) Germany
(5) Russia
(6) Israel
(7) United Kingdom
(8) China
(9) Ireland
(10) Japan

As always, we here at ONTOS appreciate each and every one of you regular readers; as for you irregular readers, perhaps a laxative is the answer.

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