Friday, November 4, 2016

"I Never Saw a More Pleasing Sight in My Life Than These Two Detectives—Dead"

"Some Do It With a Look."
By P. F. Costello (house pseudonym for William P. McGivern or Rog Phillips).
First appearance: Fantastic Adventures, April 1951.
Short story (10 pages).
Online at UNZ (HERE).
(Parental caution: Strong language and violence.)
"They knew he was a killer, and yet he carried no weapons. They didn't know that—SOME DO IT WITH A LOOK . . ."
When you jump to a conclusion, you never know where you'll land; in the case of three sadistic cops brutalizing a prisoner, it's on a slab in the morgue . . .

- Atomic Rockets has a page all about psionics in science fiction (HERE); the SFE article about ESP is (HERE); and the Wikipedia entry on mind control in popular culture is (HERE).

The bottom line: "I used to wonder what it would be like to read other people's minds. Then I got a Facebook account and now I'm over it."
— Anonymous

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