Thursday, November 24, 2016

Through the KEYHOLE

THOSE GOOD FOLKS at SFFAudio have added stories to their Public Domain Page from the second issue of Keyhole Mystery Magazine (June 1960), some of them by heavyweights in both the SF and crime fiction fields. A couple of postings ago we briefly visited there to snag Blochman's "A Kiss for Belinda"; we now invite you to sample the other tales from that particular issue.

You can go (HERE) and type in "Keyhole" in the Search box for a linked story list, or you can go to each one using the links below. These stories are in the PDF format; we've also added a few off-site links for further information about the authors.

   (1) "The Trap" by Norman Daniels (Norman Arthur Danberg, 1905-95) (12 pages) - Online (HERE) - GAD Wiki (HERE).
   (2) "Night Ride" by Theodore Sturgeon (Edward Hamilton Waldo, 1918-85) (13 pages) - Online (HERE) - Wikipedia (HERE).
   (3) "Concealed Path" by Melville Davisson Post (1869-1930) (12 pages) - Online (HERE) - GAD Wiki (HERE).
   (4) "The Diamonds" by Frank Atterholt (?-?) (7 pages) - Online (HERE).
   (5) "A Case of Homicide" by Rog Phillips (Roger Philip Graham, 1909-65) (13 pages) - Online (HERE) - Wikipedia (HERE).
   (6) "The Deadliest Game" by Joseph Whitehill (1927-2011) (14 pages) - Online (HERE).
   (7) "Wife Killer" by Rod Reed (?-?) (3 pages) - Online (HERE).
   (8) "I.O.U." (a.k.a. "I.O.U.—One Life" and "Debt of Honor") by Cornell Woolrich (Cornell George Hopley-Woolrich, 1903-68) (15 pages) - Online (HERE) - GAD Wiki (HERE).
   (9) "A Matter of Life" by Robert Bloch (1917-94) (7 pages) - Online (HERE) - Wikipedia (HERE).
   (10) "Born for Murder" by John Collier (1901-80) (17 pages) - Online (HERE) - Wikipedia (HERE).
   (11) "Rest in Peace" by Avram Davidson (1923-93) (6 pages) - Online (HERE) - Wikipedia (HERE).
   (12) "A Christian Burial" by Mary Thayer Muller (?-?) (6 pages) - Online (HERE).
   (13) "A Kiss for Belinda" (a.k.a. "Kiss of Kandahar") by Lawrence G. Blochman (1900-75) (17 pages) - Online (HERE) - GAD Wiki (HERE).

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