Thursday, March 26, 2015

Our 500th Post: What Are We Doing Here?

ONTOS is a creature of the Internet, designed to seek out potentially interesting detective fiction (plus a few other genres as well) and bring it to your attention via that wonderful gadget, the hot link. Once in a while we indulge in our own opinions, but most of the time we prefer letting you know what others think about these things, both professional critics and average Joes and Janes from all eras. We hope you have found and will continue to find ONTOS worth the trip.

Disclaimer — There are two things we can't guarantee: the quality of what we point to (de gustibus non est disputandem) or that there will be anything at the far end of the links, because on the World Wide Web, as Dorothy Gale remarked in another context, "People come and go so quickly here!"

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