Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"You Can Break All the Laws Except Scientific Ones!"

"Murder Asteroid."
By Edmond Hamilton (1904-77).
Thrilling Wonder Stories, October 1940.
Short-short story.
Online HERE.
The thing about irony is it's so . . . ironic:
"Hell, I won't get nervous now," he told himself. "This was the best way to do it—on some little planetoid like this where no one will ever land to find his body. If I'd done it in space and tossed his body out, it might have been found float-ing. But this way—"
He re-entered the cruiser, slammed shut the heavy door and shed his suit. He gazed with kindling eyes at the heavy sacks of metal.
"I'm worth a half-million dollars, soon as I get this stuff to Ceres spaceport," he exulted. "Me a rich man! I can take it easy, travel over the whole System in luxury. Liquor, women—"
He started up the rocket-motors and took off with a blast of fire.  . . .
- We recently visited another of Hamilton's criminous SF stories HERE.
Ceres (lower left) compared to the Earth and Earth's moon.

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