Saturday, July 4, 2015

"It Was a Rainy Night, and I Heard a Fog-horn Out in the River"

"Extra! Extra!"
By Robert E. Sherwood (1896-1955).
First appearance: Scribner's, July 1926.
Reprinted in EQMM, January 1950.
Online HERE.
A sad story about why you can't go home again . . .
. . . Over the crib hung a colored photograph of the Taj Mahal, a lovely, white building that Mr. Whidden had always wanted to see. He also wanted to see Singapore, and the Straits Settlements, and the west coast of Africa, places that he had read about in books.
He was thinking about these places, and wondering, whether little Conrad would ever see them, when his wife's voice rasped at him from the next room.  . . .
Robert Sherwood, a towering presence at 6 feet 8 inches, had many of his works adapted for movies and TV as well as producing screenplays, among them being The Petrified Forest (Bogart), Rebecca (Olivier), The Best Years of Our Lives (March), and The Bishop's Wife (Grant), some of which won Major Awards.

- The Wikipedia article about Sherwood is HERE, and his film credits are linked HERE.

Category: Mainstream fiction with no criminous content that we can discern

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