Saturday, November 7, 2015

October's Top 5

Here are last month's top 5 posts, with the previous two Octobers tossed in:

October 2015
(1) "It Is a Difficult Thing, However, to Hush Up As Serious a Matter As Murder, Particularly on Shipboard" HERE.
(2) Four More for EQ and One That Didn't Make It HERE.
(3) "A Master of the Psychology of Fear, of the Torments of the Crime-Burdened Conscience" HERE.
(4) "The Detective Story Is Looking Up": Reviews from THE BOOKMAN I HERE.
(5) "Something Had, Obviously, Gone Wrong" HERE.

October 2013
(1) The Correspondence School Detective HERE.
(2) "A Cleverly Disguised Homage" HERE.
(3) Why Aren't There More—and Better—Science Fiction Mysteries? HERE.
(4) Clay-footed Gumshoes HERE.
(5) Criminal Scholarship HERE.

October 2014
(1) "You Fancy Yourself Quite a Toff But I'll Show You I'm Toffer Than You Are" HERE.
(2) Who Was Dexter Drake? HERE.
(3) "There Are Murders, There's a Detective, and Sleuthing of a Sort, but the Solution Is in the Stratosphere" HERE.
(4) The Hext Files HERE.

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