Monday, May 16, 2016

April's Top 5

For T. S. Eliot, April might have been the cruelest month but for us here at ONTOS it wasn't half bad (and the same goes for the past two years):

April 2016
(1) An Odd Assortment from '28 - HERE
(2) A MacDonald Duo - HERE
(3) "You Might Say This Is the Story of a Murder — Although Nobody Was Killed" - HERE
(4) "It Was a New Strategy in Criminal Warfare, Killing People with Laughter" - HERE
(5) WHODUNIT Comics - HERE

April 2014
(1) "The Author Outdoes Himself in the Number of People Upon Whom He Brings Suspicion" - HERE
(2) "It Shows Just How Bad a Detective Story Can Be" - HERE
(3) True Crime Roundup - HERE
(4) Samuel Lyle, A Very Obscure Criminologist Indeed - HERE
(5) "He Is Concerned Mainly to Give His Readers the Indispensable Thrill" - HERE

April 2015
(1) A Short Note About Victorian Detective Fiction - HERE
(2) Levram Niatpac! - HERE
(3) A Noir Film (or Maybe It Isn't) That Isn't Noir (or Maybe It Is) - HERE
(4) "I Do Not Dismiss Logic Because I Have Faith" - HERE
(5) SCRIBNER'S Reviews I - HERE

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