Wednesday, June 15, 2016

May's Top 5

For some reason, the most popular posts this past May involved science fiction tales, but we won't puzzle over it; instead we offer our thanks for your faithful readership.

May 2016
(1) OLD-TIME DETECTION, Spring 2016 - HERE
(2) "The Cat Must Know" - HERE
(3) Death in the Mirror - HERE
(4) "It Was Only a Matter of Time Until a Criminal, a Really Clever One, Saw Through the System—and Reverted" - HERE
(5) "If One of You Moves Toward the Medicine Cabinet, As God Is in Heaven, I'll Ray You Down" - HERE

May 2014
(1) "The Spectator Really Cares Very Little Whether A Was Murdered by B or by X, As Long As He Got Murdered by Somebody" - HERE
(2) Dr. Thorndyke Times Three - HERE
(3) "Murder Is an Amateur Crime in England" - HERE
(4) "Absolutely One of the Best Locked Rooms" - HERE
(5) "Literary Fads and Fashions Pass—The Detective Story Is a Constant" - HERE

May 2015
(1) OLD-TIME DETECTION, Spring 2015 - HERE
(2) The Erudite Flatfoot - HERE
(3) "A Diffusion of Darkness" - HERE
(4) "Sherlock Holmes Lives in a Peculiarly Definite Sense as Real as D'Artagnan or Cyrano" - HERE
(5) Feminist Thrillers by Vera Caspary - HERE

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