Wednesday, August 17, 2016

July's Top 5

Last month's top post concerned the locked room mystery subgenre, signaling to us an abiding interest among you Dear Readers in impossible crimes that, clueless critics not-withstanding, simply will not go away. We've also added the most popular postings from
the previous two years.

~ July 2016 ~
(1) The Locked Room Mystery in the Mid-Twentieth Century (with One from the Twenty-first) (HERE)
(2) "As He Died—by Accident or Design—or Maybe Just That Bad Luck Which Works Against Every Murderer—He Branded You" (HERE)
(3) "We Both Went Down Onto the Bare Boards of the Stage and Didi Cheri, Still Yelling, Jumped on Top of Both of Us" (HERE)
(4) "This Here West Coast Publicks a Bunch a Crooks" (HERE)
(5) Decisions, Decisions (HERE)

~ July 2014 ~
(1) "Although This Is an Eccentric Book, It Has Plenty of Plus Points" (HERE)
(2) "These Stories Are, Altogether, More Amusing Than Intriguing" (HERE)
(3) "Scenery Is Delightful, Writing Good, Sleuth Clever, and Criminal Elusive" (HERE)
(4) "It Is a Negligible Affair, a Chip in Porridge, an Eloquent Sermon on the Old Text" (HERE)
(5) "Simply One More Instance of an Author Who Shirks a Technical Difficulty" (HERE)

~ July 2015 ~
(1) Two Dozen (Nearly) Detectives All in One Place (HERE)
(2) "All He Could Say Was That He Hadn't Known Miss Bargain Was Like That" (HERE)
(3) "Now, If You Attempt to Stop Him, I Swear Before God I'll Shoot You!" (HERE)
(4) SCRIBNER'S Reviews II (HERE)
(5) "It Was a Rainy Night, and I Heard a Fog-horn Out in the River" (HERE)

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