Monday, September 19, 2016

August's Top 5

Being in the center of summer, when just about everybody (including us) in the Northern Hemisphere should be outside doing something, August has typically been a slow month here at ONTOS, but for some inexplicable reason August of 2014 saw all-time high record viewership numbers. We're not complaining, however, and welcome any and all readers with open arms (although open pixels might be more accurate).

~ August 2016 ~
(1) "You Were a Fool to Let Ruzza and Me Live" (HERE)
(2) "Luck Followed Him As It Sometimes Does the Evildoer" (HERE)
(3) "The Beloved Fable of Baker Street" (HERE)
(4) "Fred Stone Could Have Been Killed Last Night and Yet Be Walking Around Full of Life Today" (HERE)
(5) "Maybe I'd Better Call the Morgue and See If They're Missing You" (HERE)

~ August 2014 ~
(1) "A Thoroughly First Rate Detective Story, Rapid, Absorbing, and Credible" (HERE)
(2) "Witty, Decorously Exciting, and Brilliantly Written" (HERE)
(3) "There Is Even a Twist at the End, As If There Were Anything Left to Twist" (HERE)
(4) "What Good Is a Mystery Yarn If in Retrospect It Is Illogical and Silly?" (HERE)
(5) The International Society of Infallible Detectives (HERE)

~ August 2015 ~
(1) "It May Not Be Terribly Original, but Shooting Someone Tends to Be Pretty Effective" (HERE)
(2) "I Am an Old Man Who Has Retained the Use of His Brains" (HERE)
(3) "A Nice Example of the Locked Room Mystery" (HERE)
(4) "Proves That Mirth and Murder Can Mix" (HERE)

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