Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Top 5 in January

THE MOST POPULAR POSTINGS from last month featured a thespian cop, a review of a tribute volume to Peter Lovesey, an adventure with a female Nero Wolfe, a clever story about a safe robbery, and a skyfy tale about the unusual use to which a time machine can be put. You might also note, in skimming the lists below, the continuing popularity in every year of articles that relate to Sherlock Holmes, whose "immortality" seems assured.

~ January 2017 ~
(1) "Good Old Christmas Theatricals!" - (HERE)
(2) Who Knew There Could Be So Many MOTIVES FOR MURDER? - (HERE)
(3) "Nothing Out of the Ordinary; Only the Robbery and Incidental Murder of an Old Man" - (HERE)
(4) "Mr. Bond, I Am Afraid Your Safe Has Been Tampered With" - (HERE)
(5) "For the First Time in the History of Crime, a Murderer Had at His Disposal the Sure Means of Ridding Himself of His Corpse" - (HERE)

~ January 2014 ~
(1) "Lynx-eyed Science" and the Talking Dead Men - (HERE)
(2) Van Dine's Detective Novel Lecture - (HERE)
(3) Sherlock's First Theatrical Outing - (HERE)
(4) Hoch's Locked Room Winner - (HERE)
(5) THE HOUND Again - (HERE)

~ January 2015 ~
(1) Often by and Sometimes about Vincent Starrett - (HERE)
(2) Murder on the Final Frontier - (HERE)
(3) OLD-TIME DETECTION, Autumn 2014 - (HERE)
(4) "He Was Solely an Expression of the Analytical Capacity of the Intellect—A Ratiocinative Device" - (HERE)
(5) Sherlockian Miscellania - (HERE)

~ January 2016 ~
(1) "'Your Name?' Said the Police Car in a Metallic Whisper" - (HERE)
(2) "This Case Had More Holes in It Than a Swiss Cheese and More Loose Ends Than a Torn String Vest" - (HERE)
(3) Four-Color Sherlock - (HERE)
(4) France's Answer to Moriarty - (HERE)
(5) Dr. Dannart Will See You Now (or, A Forgotten Detective Who Probably Deserved It) - (HERE)

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