Wednesday, March 3, 2021

"Feigned Inefficiency"

"Incident in Iopa."
By Richard Wilson (1920-87).
Illustrator unknown.
First appearance: Future Science Fiction, January 1953.
Reprinted in Future Science Fiction (U.K.) #13 (1954).
Short short short story (3 pages; scroll down to text page 67).
Online at The Luminist Archives (HERE).

     "The great Vril appeared to me with a command to kill, and I have killed."

A reporter normally has to go to the story, but every once in a while the story comes to 
him . . . .

Main characters:
~ Scott Warren:
  ". . . took his fascinated gaze away from the bloody ear and tried to shudder the sight out of his system."
~ Rakho:
  "You may have a god to whom you wish to consign yourself. I shall wait that long."
~ The investigator from the W.G.I.:
  "Are you all right?"

Reference and resources:
- "almost as good on the radioteletype": They've been around for a long time; see Wikipedia (HERE).
- If you go to the "References and resources" section of our previous posting on Richard Wilson's GNS adventure "Dateline: MARS" (HERE), you'll find just about all the information you'll need on our author.

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