Monday, December 6, 2021

"Lucky for You, I'm Resourceful"

"Cons of Time Travel."
By A. Rector.
First appearance: Daily Science Fiction, December 2, 2021.
Short short short story (1 page).
Online at Daily Science Fiction (HERE).

     "Time-traveling's cheap and easy. It's space-traveling that ain't."

Almost anything that clever humans devise can be used for more than one purpose, some-times surprising even the inventors (Play-Doh, for example, was originally intended as a wallpaper cleaner). Now consider that machine over there in the corner, the one your smooth-talking acquaintance promises can solve your problem in no time at all . . . .

- The only other story that the ISFDb credits to A. Rector is "Loyal Companion," which we featured last May (HERE).

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