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"Signing Your Will Was Like Signing Your Death Warrant"

"A Literary Detective."
By Richard Ashe-King (1839-1932; Oxford Reference HERE; Dictionary of Irish Biography HERE; HERE).
First appearance: T.P.'s Weekly, November 6, 1903.
Short short short story (4 pages).
Online at Hathi Trust (HERE).

   "I'm morally certain it was murder, but how it was managed I can't for the life of me make out."

What could possibly connect an unjustly accused young lady, an extremely overwrought widow, a distraught vicar, a recently dismissed stable groom, a suspicious coroner, and a sensationalist story writer who's exhibiting an uncommon interest in footprints? A double murder, of course, but not just any double murder. This one seems beyond any rational explanation, an impossible crime irrupting right there in rural Edwardian England . . .

Main characters:
~ Mr. Metcalf:
  ". . . had now no doubt at all that her real reason for sending for him was to throw him off the scent of this murder mystery."
~ Harry Metcalf:
  "He was a journalist generally, and specially a writer of short stories, chiefly sensational . . ."
~ Mary Horsham:
  "Harry, I cannot understand father's making this will, even to please her."
~ Dr. de Lisle:
  ". . . an utterly odious man, a Dr. de Lisle, always in the house on one pretext or another."
~ The vicar:
  "No, no. Not killed. There was no foul play. It—it might have been an accident."
~ Isabel Horsham:
  "She had all the men at her feet, from the vicar down."
~ Baines:
  ". . . the groom comes in after all as the favoured lover!"

References and resource:
- "strapped pick-a-back":
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- "a scorn of Dogberry":
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Michael Keaton as Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing (1993)
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Not a nice man
- Harry's forensic skills with footprints prefigure what came later; see Wikipedia (HERE).

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