Thursday, February 27, 2014

Just a Coincidence?

By F[rances] Burks McKinley.
1933. 222 pages. $2.00

You'll have to decide if it is "just a coincidence":
Cooped up in a dahabea* three of its nine white passengers are murdered on a trip up the Nile. Girl newspaper reporter traps murderer. - Authentic Egyptian background succeeds in producing unique atmosphere of terror. Plenty of clues and strange occurrences. - Verdict: Good. — THE SATURDAY REVIEW (December 2, 1933)
* "dahabeah": "A houseboat having sails and sometimes an engine, used on the Nile."
Compare that with:
. . . [Death on the] Nile [1937] has all of Christie's strengths: a tight problem, a confined setting (a boat going down the Nile), excellent detection on the part of the magnificent little Belgian, plenty of amusing characters and a staggering solution. — Nick Fuller, GAD Wiki
Also see The Passing Tramp's article HERE.

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