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More from Marsh

By Richard Marsh (Richard Bernard Heldmann, 1857-1915).
Methuen & Co.
1900. 312 pages.
Collection: 9 stories.
Online HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

(1) "The Long Arm of Coincidence" [Crime, Anarchism, Identity]
(2) "The Mask" [Horror, Duality, Prison]
(3) "An Experience" [Hypnotism]
(4) "Pourquoipas" [Occult, Humour]
(5) "By Suggestion" [Hypnotism]
(6) "A Silent Witness" [Crime, Catalepsy]
(7) "To Be Used Against Him" [Crime, Duality]
(8) "The Words of a Little Child" [Urban squalor, Journalism]
(9) "How He Passed" [Mesmerism]
[NOTE: Genre classifications in brackets are from Victorian Fiction Research Guide 35 by Minna Vuohelainen.]

It was always up in the air what you'd get with Richard Marsh; it could be a horror/science fiction story, a mystery, a comedy, a romance, or something else passing strange.
Wikipedia informs us: "One of Marsh’s most striking creations is Miss Judith Lee, a young teacher of deaf pupils whose lip-reading ability involves her with mysteries that she solves by acting as a detective." The Judith Lee stories have been collected; see HERE for more. At least one of them, "The Man Who Cut Off My Hair," was reprinted in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, July 1988.

As late as 1960 another of his stories, The Datchet Diamonds (1898), was adapted for television.
- A previous article on ONTOS discusses some of Marsh's other works.

Categories: Detective fiction, Horror, Science fiction

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