Thursday, June 19, 2014

"Who Killed the Old Man?"

J. S. Fletcher kept plugging away, sometimes crossing thrillers with detective fiction with, according to some contemporary critics, more than a little success. Here are some excerpts from longer reviews:

By J. S. Fletcher (1863-1935).
Macmillan. 1921. 305 pages. $2.00
Online HERE and HERE.
THE latest J. S. Fletcher novel is less a thriller than a puzzle. It is one of those cold analytical detective stories that can boast a couple of murders and never upset the reader's mood of contemplation.  . . . — J.F., "The Editor Recom-mends: Picnic Reading!", THE BOOKMAN (September 1921; Jump To page 68)
[SPOILER ALERT: This review reveals most of the plot but not the solution.] . . . "The Borough Treasurer" is a thoroughly enjoyable story and will uphold the author's reputation as one of the best of the present writers of mystery fiction. — "Pursued by One's Past," THE LITERARY DIGEST (December 3, 1921)
By J. S. Fletcher (1863-1935).
Grosset & Dunlap.
1922. 319 pages.
Online HERE, HERE, and HERE.
[SPOILER ALERT: This review also reveals most of the plot but not whodunnit.] . . . in Mr. J. S. Fletcher's stories there is no stint of adventure. The solution of this mystery is most unexpected. The reader will find it hard to lay down "The Herapath Property" until he finds out who killed the old man. — "Who Killed the Old Man?", THE LITERARY DIGEST (January 28, 1922)
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