Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"The Seed of Murder Grew"

"Beware of the Dog."
By Fredric Brown (1906-72).
First appearance: Ten Detective Aces, February 1943 (as "Hound of Hell").
Collected in The Shaggy Dog and Other Murders (1963).
Reprinted in Edgar Wallace Mystery Magazine, March 1966.
Short short story (6 pages).
Online at SFFaudio HERE.
There was money in the safe. Stacks of it.
Only two things stand between Wiley and all that money: a mean-spirited old man and . . .
. . . A black dog, with yellow, hate-filled eyes, and a quiet viciousness beyond ordinary canine ferocity. A killer dog. Yes, it was a hound of hell, all right.  . . .
A dog starving for food and . . . something else.
- The usual suspects: Wikipedia HERE, the GAD Wiki HERE, FictionMags HERE, and ISFDb HERE.
- We briefly encountered Fredric Brown a couple of years ago HERE.
- You noticed how the magazine's editors misspelled our author's name, did you not?

The bottom line: "Turn, hell-hound, turn!"

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