Friday, January 22, 2016

December's Top 5

Here are our most-read December postings from a month ago, a year ago, and two years ago:

December 2015
(1) OLD-TIME DETECTION, Autumn 2015 - HERE
(2) "This Was a Curious Thing — The Whole Crux to the Mystery Lay in It" - HERE
(3) "I Like My Detective Stories Pretty Plain—A Mystery, Its Solution, and Its Development": Reviews from THE BOOKMAN III - HERE
(4) "Detective Stories, Bah!" - HERE
(5) "He Was Used, by This Time, to the Idea of Doing Murder" - HERE

December 2014
(1) "A Brilliant Bit of Investigation and Deduction" - HERE
(2) John and Mary and Sherlock and Nick - HERE
(3) Defending the Detective Story - HERE
(4) Poe on the Couch - HERE
(5) "Writing Mystery Stories Is An Exact Science" - HERE

December 2013
(1) The Dilettante Sleuth Par Excellence - HERE
(2) Anthony Wynne — "One of the Lesser Golden Age Writers" - HERE
(3) Mark Twain's Anti-detective Fiction - HERE
(4) "A Strange Medley of Stage Realism, Fantasy, Farce, and Tragedy" - HERE
(5) "The American Equivalent of the English Drawing Room Murder Mystery" - HERE

- Our last "Top 5" is HERE.

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