Monday, March 14, 2016

February's Top 5

Through determined research we've determined that these are last month's most-read ONTOS postings, as determined by you, the, uh, determined reader, as well as those from a year and two years past:

February 2016
(1) Four Dr. Feather Mysteries - HERE
(2) "The Trunk Had a Nice Corpse in It" - HERE
(3) "Ashes to Ashes" - HERE
(4) "All Life Depends on Carefully Balanced Murders" - HERE
(5) "A Terrific Haymaker Sent the Detective Crashing into the Office Furniture" - HERE

February 2014
(1) "A Book Remarkable for Completeness, Accuracy, and Infallible Soundness of Judgment" - HERE
(2) "A Chastened and Far More Palatable Character" - HERE
(3) Not Quite So Idiosyncratic - HERE
(4) A Defense of the "Puzzle Novel" - HERE
(5) Surely You've Heard of Bernard Capes - HERE

February 2015
(1) "Life Can Never Be Staid or Humdrum In a Community Where a Detective May Turn Out to Be a Murderer Or a Corpse Or, Stranger Still, a Detective" - HERE
(2) "S. S. Van Dine Was Born of a Nervous Breakdown" - HERE
(3) "A Few of the Recent Changes in the Police Novel, Which Do Roughly Correspond to Changes in the Social History of Our Time" - HERE
(4) "His Methods Would Be Useful If Detectives Were Only Mindreaders" - HERE
(5) "Never in the Long History of Fiction Has There Been a Figure Comparable to Sherlock Holmes" - HERE

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