Thursday, April 21, 2016

March's Top 5

We always marvel at which posts attract the most attention; here are the ones from March for the last three years.
March 2016
(1) "Nobody Missed It at First" -  HERE
(2) "Don't Ever Think Things Can't Get Tougher — They Always Do" - HERE
(3) "It Would Be So Nice to Live in the Twentieth Century with Its Crimes and Insanity" - HERE
(4) "I'm Sure He Has Holed Up Somewhere in the Jovian System" - HERE
(5) "If a Thunderbolt Had Fallen It Could Hardly Have Caused Greater Consternation" - HERE

March 2014
(1) "Puzzle Plots Are Nearly Completely Absent" - HERE
(2) "The Author's Ingenuity Is Great, but . . ." - HERE
(3) "An Interesting Story in the Jules Verne Manner" - HERE
(4) "From Thrilling Scene to More Thrilling Scene, We Hurry" - HERE
(5) "Detective Stories Are Shouted For" - HERE

March 2015
(1) "A Hardcore Mystery Fan Couldn't Ask for a More Literate and Witty Refresher in the Genuine Traditional Mystery" - HERE
(2) "Detective-story Addicts May Be Divided, As Roughly As You Feel Like Handling Them, Into Two Classes . . ." - HERE
(3) "When People Talk of the Perfect Murder . . ." - HERE
(4) "Its Literary Significance Is Equivalent Perhaps to That of the Crossword Puzzle" - HERE
(5) "Men Are Such Brutes" - HERE

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