Saturday, July 16, 2016

June's Top 5

Last month the most popular posts featured some of the oldest but also some of the newest stories (relatively speaking, of course) available online. To all of you Faithful Readers out there in cyberspace our sincere thanks for tuning into ONTOS, the weblog engaged in a never-ending search for interesting works of detective and science fiction and, best of all, stories that combine the two genres. As usual, we've also included the most visited postings from the two previous Junes.

June 2016
(1) "Deliberately, Cleverly, and Diabolically Murdered" - (HERE)
(2) "In a Flash of Realization, the Whole Puzzle Clicked into Place!" - (HERE)
(3) "It Was Only a Matter of Time Until a Criminal, a Really Clever One, Saw Through the System—and Reverted" - (HERE)
(4) "If One of You Moves Toward the Medicine Cabinet, As God Is in Heaven, I'll Ray You Down" - (HERE)
(5) "I Shot Her First and Then, As He Woke and Sprang Up, I Got Him Too" - (HERE)

June 2014
(1) "A Well-paced Story That's Loaded with Action, Suspense, a Great Puzzle, and a Lot of Humor" - (HERE)
(2) "Both Literal Masterpieces of Sensational Fiction" - (HERE)
(3) Ten by Gladys (and We Don't Mean Mitchell) - (HERE)
(4) Four-in-One - (HERE)
(5) True Crime Roundup II - (HERE)

June 2015
(1) "Reprogrammed to Be a Killing Machine" - (HERE)
(2) Eight Tales of Terror You Might Enjoy - (HERE)
(3) European Pulp Science Fiction - (HERE)
(4) "You Must Conform!" - From "The Beautiful People" to "Number 12 Looks Just Like You" - (HERE)
(5) Was Agatha Christie Unconsciously Using Freud's Theories in Her Mysteries? - (HERE)

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