Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"If the Editor Writes Us Out, He'll Destroy Our Whole Social System"

"Rejection Slip."
By Ben Singer (?-?).
First appearance: Future Science Fiction, May 1952.
Short short short story (4 pages).
Online at SFFAudio (HERE) (PDF).
(Note: Text fuzzy in places.)
"The story of the desperate scribe who held a gun on the editor is hardly a new theme — but here's a novel twist on it!"
Maybe all writers are crazy and all editors should be shot, and maybe—in this era of political correctness—we're all destined one day for a trip to the social-super-egotorium for evaluation and from there to slander-sublimation-school for re-education. Or maybe we're just dreaming all of this like Zhuangzi's butterfly-man, flapping our way through meta-reality. Or maybe, just maybe, we should take this story as the author intended it and smile . . .

- Just like Frank Banta (HERE), we don't have a clue as to who Ben Singer might have been.

The bottom line:

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