Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Top 5 in September

ONTOS has been lurking on the Net for several years now. Here are the most popular postings going all the way back to September 2013.

~ September 2016 ~
(1) "I've Got a Score to Settle on Earth" - (HERE)
(2) "No Contributing Factors in the Way of Bullets, Poisons or Blows Were Found—It Was a Perfect Crime" - (HERE)
(3) "How Did He Get Out of the House with a Dozen Detectives Watching Every Possible Exit?" - (HERE)
(4) "The Only Witness Against Him Was Himself" - (HERE)
(5) "It Occurred to Me That Some Unseen Dimension, If One Could but Penetrate It, Would Be the Ideal Place for the Commission of a Homicide" - (HERE)

~ September 2013 ~
(1) Julian Symons Reviews Robert Barnard's A TALENT TO DECEIVE - (HERE)
(2) Detective Fiction — Private Detective vs. Private Eye - (HERE)
(3) A Collection of Edgar Wallace Thrillers - (HERE)
(4) Random Internet Comments by and About Poe - (HERE)
(5) A Shilling Shocker - (HERE)

~ September 2014 ~
(1) The Three Dr. Thorndykes - (HERE)
(2) "The Melodramatic Development of the Latter Pages Stretches the Rubber Band of Suspense to Its Limit. It Might Snap." - (HERE)
(3) "Beware of Trying to Rouse Our Pity and Terror with a Penny Whistle" - (HERE)
(4) "He Has Discovered At Least One New Trick in the Detective Story Writer's Bag" - (HERE)
(5) "The Book Is Not a Detective Story: The Reader from the First Recognizes the Criminal" - (HERE)

~ September 2015 ~
(1) A Not-So-Nice Example of the Locked Room Mystery - (HERE)
(2) OLD-TIME DETECTION, Summer 2015 - (HERE)
(3) True Crime from Craig Rice - (HERE)
(4) FANTASTIC FlashFanFic from the Fabulous Fifties - (HERE)
(5) True Crime from Erle Stanley Gardner - (HERE)

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