Tuesday, January 23, 2018

"How Slender Now Seemed the Thread on Which He Had Fastened Their Fortunes!"

"Mr. Peebles' Adventure in Crime."
By Arthur Henry (1867-1934).
First appearance: The Ladies' Home Journal, February 1919.
Short short short story (3 pages).
Online at Hathi Trust starting (HERE), continuing (HERE), and finishing (HERE).
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"In the days of Mr. Peebles' integrity he would have been too proud to ask for charity, but now this adventure in crime was taking him beyond his depth."
When does a crime become a blessing in disguise? Mr. Peebles is about to find out . . .

Comment: This one likely won't do much for your mind but, if you're so inclined, it might warm your heart.
- The University of Pennsylvania's thumbnail of the writer: "Arthur Henry was an author and a playwright who enjoyed a close friendship with Theodore Dreiser"; more (HERE).

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