Friday, January 19, 2018

"The Critic Who States the Solution of These Plays Is Really Spoiling Sport"

"The Popularity of the Mystery Play."
From The Graphic, January 28, 1922.
Article (½ page, 5 photos).
Online at Hathi Trust (HERE).
(Note: Use "Full Screen" to center text.)

"Two turn on mysterious robberies, one on misappropriation of bank funds and a mysterious murder, and in each there is a great deal of 'black out,' so that the stage electrician may well claim to be one of the collaborating authors. Each play is like a jig-saw puzzle, and in each the interest is maintained to the last . . ."
The plays that are briefly mentioned in the article are Old Jig, The Bat (HERE), The Night Cap (HERE), and The Beggar's Opera (HERE).
- Michael Grost and Mary Reed have a Mystery*File article about The Bat (HERE); the text for The Beggar's Opera is (HERE).
- Dorothy L. Sayers's Whose Body? (1923) has been converted into a stage play; see the 2002 Chicago Tribune review of it (HERE). A couple of years later they had a go at staging Strong Poison, from 1930 (HERE).

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