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"I Don't Like Being Shot At"

 "Twelve Hours to Blow!"
By Robert Silverberg (born 1935).
Illustrator unknown.
First appearance: Imaginative Tales, May 1957.
Short story (15 pages).
Online at Comic Book Plus (HERE; using dropdown menu go to page 66) and (HERE).
(Parental note: Mild profanity.)
     "My name isn't Caldwell."

What looks at first like a case of mistaken identity propels a cryonics expert into a criminal conspiracy that for one disagreeable moment has him seeing "pretty stars": "He got me up against one of the walls and began banging my head against it . . . "

Principal characters:
~ Martin:
  "I glanced at my watch. And realized, with a shock, that I had less time left than I imagined."
~ Caldwell:
  "Hey! You! Caldwell! Halt!"
~ Channing:
  "He could move fast; I'll give him credit for that."
~ Ledland:
  "A Z9M9Z tube, Mr. Martin? Well, we're rather short of them, but I suppose I could let you have one."
~ Parkhurst:
  "You're listed in the official files as a criminal wanted on three planets. Do you expect us to believe some cock-and-bull story like that in face of the identification evidence?"

Typos: "cooper bus bar" [copper]; "computor".

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- Beginning writing in the early '50s, the incredibly prolific Robert Silverberg has shown himself to be as adept at the novel as he is with the short form; see Wikipedia (HERE), the SFE (HERE), and the ISFDb (HERE).

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