Wednesday, September 22, 2021

"Someone in This House Is Going To Kill You"

"Repeat Performance."
By Rog Phillips (1909-65/66).
Illustrator unknown.
First appearance: Imagination, January 1954.
Short story.
Online at (HERE; original text: 21 pages), The Luminist Archives (HERE; original text: 21 pages; go down to text page 108), and Project Gutenberg (HERE; 17 pages as a PDF).
     "Your murder was never solved."

The expression "as queer as a three dollar bill" takes on ominous overtones when a petty crook finds himself marked for murder—or is he?

Main characters:
~ Benny:
  "My momentum left me as my hand touched the doorknob. It flowed out of me. I turned around and faced them."
~ The cashier:
  "The law says I must turn all counterfeit money directly over to the nearest F.B.I. office."
~ George Wile:
  "Where are you, Ben old boy?"
~ Sam Golfin:
  "In exactly one hour and seventeen minutes you are going to be murdered. A man doesn't just get murdered without knowing who might have done it, who his enemies are."
~ Sarah Fish:
  "You see, you must tell us who did it."

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- We've come across Roger Phillip Graham's stories a few times: "From This Dark Mind" (HERE), "You'll Die Yesterday" (HERE), "The Man from Mars" and the non-SFFnal "A Case of Homicide" (both HERE), and (possibly) "Deadly Dust" (HERE).


  1. I read his novel THE WORLD OF IF not long ago. A very clever time travel story but with a bit too much political heavy-handedness.

    1. Rog Phillips kept returning to the time travel motif; as a useful gimmick for storytelling, time travel has been a cornucopia for modern writers since Irving's Rip Van Winkle.