Saturday, October 19, 2013

It Ain't Necessarily So

On the Criminal Brief blog (March 30, 2008), D. P. Lyle, M. D., dispels some common forensics misapprehensions.
Among the common myth-conceptions he discusses:
The Quick Death
The Pretty Death
The Bleeding Death
The Accurate Time of Death
The One-punch Knockout
The Disappearing Black Eye
The Quick Healing
The Untraceable Poison
The Instant Athlete
The Instant Lab Result
"No one dies instantly. Well, almost no one."
"Real dead people are ugly. I don't care what they looked like during life, in death they are pale, waxy, and gray."
"Your detective arrives at a murder scene a half hour after the deed. Blood oozes from the corpse's mouth and from the [wound] in his chest. Tilt! Dead folks don't bleed."
"The Untraceable Poison: No such thing."
. . . and much more.

D. P. Lyle and Jan Burke have launched CRIME AND SCIENCE RADIO.

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