Thursday, October 17, 2013

The EQ Thesis

For those of you just discovering "Ellery Queen" and the influence he/they had on American detective fiction, Cathy Akers-Jordan's 1998 master's thesis ("Ellery Queen: Forgotten Master Detective") should prove an invaluable resource. It's a 2-megabyte, 180-page PDF file.
As always, however, be on the lookout for the occasional SPOILER.


Section I: The Stage is Set

1. Paving the Way to the Golden Age
2. The Golden Age Mystery

Section II: The Men Behind the Mask

3. Who Was That Masked Man?

Section III: Literary Themes and Techniques

4. Queen's World
5. Reality vs. Fiction
6. Father and Son
7. Ellery Queen: Working Author
8. The Queen Method
9. The Inconsistent Queen
10. Literary Motifs

Section IV: Recent Developments

11. Who Really Wrote Ellery Queen?
12. The Forgotten Master
13. Lest We Forget


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