Thursday, October 17, 2013

"The First Genuine Locked-Room Mystery"

By Israel Zangwill.
Henry Publishers. 1892.
"To dash a half-truth in the world's eyes is the surest way of blinding it altogether."
The Rap Sheet Blog (August 8, 2008) features a review of Israel Zangwill's book by an author who has used Zangwill as a character in some of his own novels: 
It wraps us in fog and sets us down in the mean streets of Jack the Ripper's London, complete with a freshly cut throat. It offers humor and pathos, a whiff of Dickens, and a skillful locked-room mystery.
Several other reviews can be found on the GAD Wiki.
BIG BOW is readily available on Project Gutenberg.
THE VERDICT, a fascinating movie version featuring the great Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre, was released in 1946.

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