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"Sleep No More!"

By Arthur Stringer.
A. L. Burt Company.
1919. 351 pages.
Online HERE, HERE, and HERE.
(1) "Running Out of Pay-Dirt"
(2) "The Ox-Blood Vase"
(3) "The Stolen Wheel-Code"
(4) "The Open Door"
(5) "The Man from Medicine Hat"
(6) "The Irreproachable Butler"
(7) "The Panama Gold Chests"
(8) "The Dummy-Chucker"
(9) "A Rialto Rain-Storm"
(10) "The Thumb-Tap Clue"
(11) "The Nile-Green Roadster"

Insomnia can drive people in strange directions:
Robert Louis Stevenson's "New Arabian Nights" has a lineal descendant of which it need feel no shame in Arthur Stringer's The Man Who Couldn't Sleep.
The streets of neither London nor Cairo are ahead of the New York of this group of stories in the fascination of their night life.
A writer, suffering from insomnia, is driven forth when sleep seems beyond his reach to prowl the city streets in those mystical small hours when strange creatures from the underworld creep from their holes.
It is a New York of crime and romance, with adventure lurking always just around the corner for any one brave enough to start its pursuit, and we surrender ourselves delightedly to its sinister enchantment. — "Reviews of New Books," THE LITERARY DIGEST (October 11, 1919; page 77, left column)
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