Thursday, May 8, 2014

"We Always Arrest the Butler, Mr. Kent. They Expect It"

Here are snippets from a hair-raising tale of detective derring-do:
"Now, then," continued Kent, "what about tracks, foot-marks? Had you thought of them?"
"Yes, first thing. The whole lawn is covered with them, all stamped down. Look at these, for instance. These are the tracks of a man with a wooden leg"—Kent nodded—"in all probability a sailor, newly landed from Java, carrying a Singapore walking-stick, and with a tin-whistle tied round his belt."
"Yes, I see that," said Kent thoughtfully. "The weight of the whistle weighs him down a little on the right side."
"Do you think, Mr. Kent, a sailor from Java with a wooden leg would commit a murder like this?" asked the Inspector eagerly. "Would he do it?"
"He would," said the Investigator. "They generally do—as soon as they land."
If your interest has been aroused (if not your suspicions), then read the whole yarn HERE and about the author HERE.

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