Sunday, October 4, 2015

"Bullets Can't Be Fired Around Corners"

"The Gargoyle Speaks."
By Alfred I. Tooke (?-?).
First appearance: Nickel Detective, March 1933.
Short short short story (2 pages).
When Pulpgen calls this one "far-fetched," we heartily agree:
. . . As he gazed at the gargoyles, musing upon the mystery, he became aware that his eyes had focused themselves on a particularly hideous one. Perhaps the horribly sardonic expression had first attracted his subconscious attention, but as his conscious mind became riveted upon it, a startled exclamation left his lips. Then he smiled slowly back at the gargoyle, and nodded.  . . .
- We have no idea who the prolific pulpster "Alfred I. Tooke" was or is, but FictionMags does have a listing for him (HERE).

Category: Never trust a gargoyle

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