Saturday, October 17, 2015

Try to Remember the Kind of September and If You Remember Then Follow . . .

As an addendum to the last post, we wish to note that ONTOS got its start in September 2013; so it might (or might not) interest you to know what have been the most popular posts in each of the first two Septembers:
This has nothing to do with this post.
September 2013
(1) Julian Symons Reviews Robert Barnard's A TALENT TO DECEIVE HERE.
(2) Detective Fiction — Private Detective vs. Private Eye HERE.
(3) A Collection of Edgar Wallace Thrillers HERE.
(4) Random Internet Comments By and About Poe HERE.
(5) "A Shilling Shocker" HERE.

 September 2014
(1) The Three Dr. Thorndykes HERE.
(2) "The Melodramatic Development of the Latter Pages Stretches the Rubber Band of Suspense to Its Limit. It Might Snap." HERE.
(3) "He Has Discovered At Least One New Trick in the Detective Story Writer's Bag" HERE.
(4) "Beware of Trying to Rouse Our Pity and Terror with a Penny Whistle" HERE.
(5) "Full of Surprises So Varied and Extreme That They Make the Ordinary Flow of Descriptive English Look Rather Foolish" HERE.

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