Wednesday, October 14, 2015

September's Top Five

Here are the five most popular ONTOS posts in September 2015, the five all-time most popular posts, and the top five countries that constitute our audience:
September 2015
(1) A Not-So-Nice Example of the Locked Room Mystery HERE.
(3) SCRIBNER'S Reviews V HERE.
(4) True Crime from Erle Stanley Gardner HERE.
(5) "Where Is Alice?" HERE.

All-Time Top Five
(1) "A Book Remarkable for Completeness, Accuracy, and Infallible Soundness of Judgment" HERE.
(2) "A Thoroughly First Rate Detective Story, Rapid, Absorbing, and Credible" HERE.
(3) Not Quite So Idiosyncratic HERE.
(4) Julian Symons Reviews Robert Barnard's A TALENT TO DECEIVE HERE.
(5) Detective Fiction — Private Detective vs. Private Eye HERE.

Top Five Countries
(1) United States
(2) Ukraine
(3) France
(4) Germany
(5) China

We thank all of you regular (and irregular) visitors to ONTOS, wherever you may live, and hope you'll drop in often.

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