Friday, December 29, 2017

Crime on the Tracks: Railway-Related Stories (2017)

"Here's our train, Watson." (Artwork by Douglas E. West. Click to enlarge. )
WE MUST CONFESS to a liking for stories featuring trains; better still, for tales with trains and crime. During the past year we came across eleven that fit the bill; here they are:

February 17th: "The Stolen Ten Thousand" (1910) - (HERE).
February 27th: "The Disappearing Diamonds" (1910) - (HERE).
March 22nd: "Mystery Trains: Crime Writers and the Railway" (2000) - (HERE).
April 11th: "The Body in Roomette 9" (1956) - (HERE).
May 6th: "The Plymouth Express Affair" (1923) - (HERE).
May 30th: "The Elusive Bullet" (1932) - (HERE).
June 22nd: "The Thieves' Terror" (1907) - (HERE).
July 30th: "The Commercial Traveller" (1907) - (HERE).
August 21st: Three Carlock Bjones stories (plus one other) (1910-11) - (HERE).
November 3rd: "At Close Quarters with Death: A Story of the Rail" (1899) - (HERE).
December 24th: "New Year's at Rock Siding" (1948) - (HERE).

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