Friday, November 1, 2013

Casting Call

His creator described his detective hero thus (and many of you will know who he is almost immediately):
In appearance he is handsome and of an imposing presence, with a symmetrical face of the classical type and a Grecian nose. And here I may remark that his distinguished appearance is not merely a concession to my personal taste but is also a protest against the monsters of ugliness whom some detective writers have evolved. These are quite opposed to natural truth. 
If they ever decide to do a movie or TV series about this sleuth, then this actor would be ideal.
Anthony Howell
See also the GADetection Wiki entry for more background on the author/creator of Dr. John Evelyn Thorndyke, barrister-at-law of Inner Temple and Professor of Medical Jurisprudence at St. Margaret's Hospital.

"Life is made up of strange coincidences. Nobody but a reviewer of novels is ever really surprised by a coincidence." — Dr. John Thorndyke, THE EYE OF OSIRIS (1911)


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