Friday, November 15, 2013

NaF-ed to Death

By Frances and Richard Lockridge.
1946. $2.00
Steve Lewis reviews the Lockridges' book on the MYSTERY*FILE weblog (7 January 2009): 
This is my kind of detective novel. All kinds of theories, possibilities, and configurations of other possibilities. The good stuff . . . What the Lockridges were able to do more often than not, and they did it again here, is a magician's trick, to keep what the eyes of the readers are seeing from actually reaching their brains.
The GADetection Wiki entry for this husband-and-wife writing team is here.

From THE SATURDAY REVIEW (February 9, 1946), archived here:
Sodium fluoriding of super-righteous spinster in N.Y. Public Library directly involves the Norths and Lt. Weigand. - Well-plotted and suspenseful—though less exuberant than earlier Norths. - Verdict: Standard Brand.
The characters of Pam and Jerry North appeared on film, sort of. They most assuredly showed up on television back in the early Eisenhower era (1952-54). Some episodes are available for free on RETROVISION MEDIA.
The UNZ index lists 68 items for Frances Lockridge and 111 items for Richard Lockridge.

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