Friday, November 8, 2013

A Hardboiled Locked Room Mystery

"Murder on the Limited."
By Howard Finney.
Short story.
First appearance: DETECTIVE DRAGNET, September 1932.
An oddball item that had been reprinted on THE NOSTALGIA LEAGUE website, now apparently defunct.
From Bob Gay's introduction:
"Murder on the Limited" is a good combination of a railroad story and murder mystery with a couple of twists. The investigators of the crime, detectives, if you will, are railroad men: seasoned professionals who know the train and its operations inside and out. The murder mentioned in the title has all the trappings of a classic locked room mystery, but is investigated, and solved, in a manner that owes more to the hard-boiled school of detection than the cerebral style that one usually associates with the locked room dilemma.

Category: Detective fiction

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