Friday, November 22, 2013

What's Up, Doc?

By Lillian de la Torre.
1946. $2.75
Lillian de la Torre (1902-1993) posthumously explains "How Dr. Sam: Johnson Became a Detector" (CRIMINAL BRIEF, July 20, 2009):
Such were the men, and such was the setting, that flashed into my mind that day. Soon plots of mystery and detection began to form theselves around many of the striking events, the picturesque scenes, and the eccentric personalities of that fascinating time; and Dr. Sam: Johnson as detector dominated them all.
From THE SATURDAY REVIEW (November 30, 1946):
Nine exploits of Great Lexicographer as detective in Georgian England, "narrated as from pen of James Boswell" in flavorous, authentic fashion. - Taken in judicious doses this admirably turned-out book is good hunting and good fun. At one sitting it may be cloying. - Verdict: For specialists.

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