Thursday, November 21, 2013

"The Ultimate in Uniqueness"

By Michael Innes.
Dodd, Mead.
1942. $2.00
A review of Michael Innes's novel is on Steve Lewis's MYSTERY*FILE weblog:
I have never read a mystery or detective story that is ANYTHING like this one. In terms of being unique, this one's the ultimate in uniqueness.
Other views:
Utterly bizarre, yet quintessential Innes . . . the plot is solid and complex enough, rendering what would otherwise be very silly, believable. — Nick Fuller
Although there is some detection of a sort, it's probably more accurate to classify this as an Edgar Wallace style thriller, possibly the best such ever written. — Curt Evans
A contemporary review (THE SATURDAY REVIEW, September 26, 1942):
Girl, horse and house disappear from London and York. Inspector Appleby traces them all. - Amazing goings on in England and South America. Breaks all the rules, but is good writing and swell fun. - Verdict: For initiates.
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