Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Highly Regarded Crofts Mystery

By Freeman Wills Crofts.
T. Seltzer.
1925 [1923 in U.K.]. 299 pages.
No e-book versions currently available.

GAD aficionados seem to agree that this early number by Crofts is superior to most of his work, in a way that's far from "humdrum." Follow the links to more expansive reviews:
Crofts constructs his book in the same way that his detectives conduct their investigations—by a patient accumulation of evidence. That might sound a little dull but his plotting is skillful enough to make it work. — dfordoom, VINTAGE POP FICTIONS (November 2, 2011)
Those who dislike train times may be assured that in The Groote Park Murder the occasional references to them are only incidental, not an essential part of the plot. And there are none of the author’s other specialities. The false alibi tricks in this book are quite simple. — Richard Wells, GAD Wiki
Excellent early Crofts. The first part is set in South Africa, but isn’t Boer-ing; and the second two years later in Scotland. Detection throughout is excellent—lots of detail, particularly of suspects’ movements. — Nick Fuller, GAD Wiki
- The GAD Wiki ("Freeman Wills Crofts").
- A Wikipedia article ("Freeman Wills Crofts").

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