Thursday, December 12, 2013

The King of All Tricks

Edited by Martin Greenberg & Bill Pronzini.
Academy Chicago Publishers.
1986. 225 pages.
From Les Blatt's CLASSIC MYSTERIES podcast (August 23, 2010):
What could possibly be better, for an enthusiast of locked room/impossible crime mysteries, than a really ingenious, well-plotted story about something that couldn't possibly have happened - but did?
The answer: four such stories, by four masters of impossible-crime fiction, collected into a single volume called 'Locked Room Puzzles,' edited by Martin Greenberg and Bill Pronzini. It's a collection of four novellas - longer than the average short story, but a lot shorter than a full-length novel.

"The Third Bullet" - John Dickson Carr
"Booktaker" - Bill Pronzini
"From Another World" - Clayton Rawson
"Day of the Wizard" - Edward D. Hoch

A boxed set of the Academy Chicago titles is for sale here.

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