Monday, June 26, 2017

The Top 5 in May

It's gratifying that two of our Miscellaneous Monday excursions made into the Top 5 last month (they're not that easy to produce, you know), plus a classic Christie short story, a haunted house exercise, and the always-of-interest OLD-TIME DETECTION.

Once more we feel that we must apologize for any dead end links that you might encounter; we can only say that there was something at the end of them when we first posted. While there could be any number of reasons for them evaporating, the most egregious, in our view, is the frustrating and Byzantine copyright laws that currently prevail, resulting in, to take a ridiculous for instance, stories being deleted from fifty-year-old magazines when they're scanned and uploaded to the Interblab—if it's been out there for a half century already, IT'S OUT THERE, the horse has long since escaped the barn, and provided the scanners don't attempt to turn a profit from someone else's work, we see no problem.

~ May 2017 ~
(1) "Miscellaneous Monday—Number Nine" - (HERE)
(2) "OLD-TIME DETECTION, Spring 2017" - (HERE)
(3) "A Moment Later a Cry Rang Out into the Night, and the Great Train Came to An Unwilling Halt in Obedience to the Imperative Jerking of the Communication-Cord" - (HERE)
(4) "Miscellaneous Monday—Number Ten" - (HERE)
(5) "Murderers Always Come Back, Mr. Harter, and There Was Murder in That Old House on Lonesome Hill" - (HERE)

~ May 2014 ~
(1) "Murder Is an Amateur Crime in England" - (HERE)
(2) "Dr. Thorndyke Times Three" - (HERE)
(3) "The Whole Sherlock Holmes Saga Is a Triumphant Illustration of Art's Supremacy Over Life" - (HERE)
(4) "An Example of the Kind of Outside the Box Thinking That Made Philo Vance and Ellery Queen So Distinctive in the Realm of Amateur Sleuths" - (HERE)
(5) "Absolutely One of the Best Locked Rooms" - (HERE)

~ May 2015 ~
(1) "OLD-TIME DETECTION, Spring 2015" - (HERE)
(2) "A Diffusion of Darkness" - (HERE)
(3) "Sherlock Holmes Lives in a Peculiarly Definite Sense as Real as D'Artagnan or Cyrano" - (HERE)
(4) "Feminist Thrillers by Vera Caspary" - (HERE)
(5) "The Erudite Flatfoot" - (HERE)

~ May 2016 ~
(1) "OLD-TIME DETECTION, Spring 2016" - (HERE)
(2) "The Manifold Moods of Arthur Porges" - (HERE)
(3) "The Cat Must Know" - (HERE)
(4) "It Appears To Be An Impossible Crime, but There Are No Impossible Crimes, Only Misunderstood Crimes" - (HERE)
(5) "Two Impossibilities from William Brittain" - (HERE)

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