Saturday, July 15, 2017

Salmagundi—Number Two

"Death and Taxes."
By S. Roger Keith (?-?).
First appearance: Worlds of IF, September-October 1974.
Non-fact article (5 pages).
Online at (HERE).

"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets." — Will Rogers
As if Klingons weren't a big enough problem facing those who would boldly go where no CPA has gone before . . .

Typo: "the principle breadwinners"
"On the Floor of the Library."
By Simeon Strunksy (1879-?).
First appearance: Sinbad and His Friends (1921).
Short short short article (2 pages).
Online in Prof. David Stewart's Library (HERE) (PDF).
". . . a selected course in reading from Conan Doyle to Carolyn Wells is a guide to the institutions, culture, and life outlook of the nations from China to Chile."
After reading this, you won't be able to argue with the author when he observes: "The common belief that the British are an open-air people is utterly opposed to the facts"; or when he writes: "Economy and resourcefulness are not among the virtues of the classes addicted to being murdered in their bedrooms or in their libraries"; or when he concludes: "Nearly everybody in a mystery novel is a consummate athlete"; and other salient obiter dicta.

- We think Robert J. Casey's later essay (HERE) complements Strunsky's article rather nicely.
"Who Killed Who?"
Video, 1943.
Running time: 7 minutes 44 seconds.
Online at Dailymotion (HERE).

Ah, the Tex Avery touch . . .

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